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Learn How Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

Our mission is to teach self-reliance. Hypnosis is the passage into your subconscious mind transforming YOU on the deepest, most empowering level.

Certification Course: Become A Certified Hypnotherapist

Find out why Nadeen is your best choice for hypnotherapy training. 

Become A Certified NLP Practitioner

Beginner 8 Week Live Online Training. Train live with your peers! We learn the best when it's live and interactive. You will be practicing all the NLP patterns with your fellow class mates. Class sizes are limited. 

Explore Corporate Virtual Training

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Hypnotherapy For The Dental Chair

Attention Dentists! These programs are specifically designed for dentists to share with their patients while in the dental chair. Decreasing anxiety and fear, increases compliance to grow your business.


There is no limit to the value of what you can accomplish with hypnosis.

Browse Self Hypnosis Audios

Browse Our Variety Of Self Hypnosis Audios

The JOY Of Permanent Weight Loss Course

This life changing course will update your mental software, and positively transform your relationship with food and your body.  

Incontinence Solution

FREE Live Zoom Hypnosis Sessions For Incontinence

Experience this naturally empowering course.  

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Hypnotherapy For Type Two Diabetes

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Falling Asleep

Hypnosis Audio For Sleep

Get the high-quality sleep you deserve. Nadeen gets you to count down from 100 by 3's with her as she distracts your conscious mind to put you to sleep. This course is excellent for your immune system, healing, and your overall health. Nadeen makes suggestions about what your body is naturally meant to do while she gives you a peaceful and consistent night's sleep. Get to sleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed with higher energy levels!

This powerful hypnosis course can help you cure sleeping issues such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Busy or Worrisome Mind
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder
  • Jet Lag
  • Shift Work Sleep Patterns
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