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Hypnosis VS Meditation | What's The Difference?

Mar 02, 2021

Hypnosis VS Meditation

What is the difference?

Hypnosis and meditation are popular practices all around the world but few know what exactly are they and the difference between them. That’s what we are going to discuss here so let’s dive in.

Generally, Both, hypnosis and meditation are used to improve your mood and help you achieve your goals, it may be weight loss, smoking cessation, managing your pain, and many more as we will discuss later. They depend on imagining positive actions that make you feel happy or watching your body to imagine and feel what happens inside it. This eventually will release your tension and make you feel better than before.

What is going on inside our brains during hypnosis and meditation?

The brain has two cerebral hemispheres, right and left. The left cerebral hemisphere is linked to our conscious mind and the rational part of ourselves. It works verbally when we talk and tends to be more dominant in our normal waking state. While the...

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